Candy Magazine Style Crush July 2013. There's always something about magazines that people prefer more compared to long novels and books. I guess it's the fact that it contains more pictures, it's visually appealing and it gets updated every month. (who wouldn't want that, right?) That's why, ever since I was a child, I've always loved browsing through magazines that I could relate to, and one of those would probably be our local 'teen' magazine, Candy mag. I love how the topics were relevant and the articles were helpful in life. I guess, this was also a reason why I blogged because I wanted to be able to do these things as well, in my own little way. So, when I got featured as a blogger in the magazine that was in a way, part of my childhood, I was so overwhelmed especially when I found out that it was in the section that I had dreamed to be, which is the monthly 'Style Crush' at the very last page. This made me realize that dreams really do come true, if you believe that it'll happen, then one day, if it's meant to be, it will be :)

Grab a copy of this month's July issue see this feature at the last page!
Thank you so much for this opportunity, Candy mag! :)
I hope to work with you guys again soon! :)