Prague. Who knew that a city so beautiful and so historical could be located at the center of Czech Republic? I definitely did not expect it to be one of the best places that we visited in our Europe trip but then again, we always have to expect the unexpected, right? (see what I did there haha) Every corner was just picture perfect and this was where I saw one of the most beautiful churches ever. Check out some pictures below!

Sun in my eyes & the world of beautiful Prague under my feet! 

I love those handmade souvenirs and that very friendly guy behind me waving! 

One thing you'll never miss when you're walking around: the huge horses that look like beasts! Horses in Europe can never be compared to the ones here back home. So you better take a step back, or you'll be crushed! 

Street posters around the city make the walls so colorful and so artistic at the same time 

One of the many structures that had doors at their edges 

Pink and black for a cold second day around the city! 

One street full of bars, shops and everything you can think of! I could just stay here all day

The panoramic view of the amazing city of Prague 

I always thought graffiti were bad vandalisms until I saw this message. I definitely changed my mind about them, especially when they're real words written by real people who have experiences like what's written above. Whoever made this, I agree with you on this one!  

Almost everyday, we'd pass by and visit churches while we were in Europe, but when we entered St. Stephen's Cathedral, we were all at awe. It's definitely a cut above the rest. It was lighted in such a way that it reflected somewhat a spectrum of colors right before your eyes that made it seem as if you were inside a rainbow church. (very cool, right?)

Again, it was one of the most beautiful churches I've ever seen. I wonder if heaven resembles it... :)

Stained glass art all over the church. Imagine the patience that you need in order to just finish one whole thing! They had hundreds of it... one word: wow! 

Of course, at the end of a such a great day, I can't help but thank the Lord 
for all the blessings that He continues to shower me with everyday. 
That's one thing we should never forget! :)

Prague is one of the places that I'll definitely return to!
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Sorry for the delay, my college life is taking much of my time, but I promise to post more soon :)
xx, Denise