Denise's Diaries. Lately, I've been watching Carrie Diaries and I've been addicted to it! It's such a cute show especially for those teenagers who are around my age. I love how the show is about 80's fashion, friendship, love, and everything in between! So, for my college look today, I was inspired by how Carrie dresses! Paired colorful and fun colors that's perfect for her personality :) Check it out!

Color blocking at its finest! Baby colors are fun to match up to 
get that look that'll brighten up your day!
Florals are also a fun way to incorporate to your look, especially if it matches your color scheme! 
(notebook design here is made by me)

Silver chain and silver accessories to tie up the look

My favorite pair of Prada transparent 'glass slippers' that make me feel like
 a princess whenever I wear it! 

Now you know one of the shows that keeps me at home on some nights!
How about you, what's your favorite show?
Try making your favorite character an outfit inspiration some time! :)
Watch out for more! 
xx, Denise