Paradise called Balesin. For the long weekend, my family and I were given the opportunity to witness a glimpse of what heaven looks like (well, this is usually how books describe it, and how I pictured it so hopefully you see it in this way as well) Through a 25-minute private plane ride from Manila, we were able to visit 7 different themed villages namely: Balesin, Bali, St. Tropez, Toscana, Mykonos, Costa del Sol and Phuket all packed in one beautiful and tropical island called Balesin, which is located in Quezon. It's surrounded with naturally white sand, and provided with world-class destinations, facilities, luxuries and so much more. In this island, you won't get bored at all because with just the heavenliness of the place, you'll be entertained & you'll learn how to appreciate the beauty of nature and of life as well.  Honestly, I can truly say that I had the best weekend of my life. Check out the pictures and see what a paradise looks like! :)

Look what greeted us as soon as we opened our door to our Phuket villa. 
Love the interior of the rooms!

When you go outside, this is what you see... This is the Phuket Village 
Fast fact: In Balesin, there's no signal for Globe so Smart users, you really are smart (haha see what I did there) for chosing that because that's the only connection that works here! 

At the clubhouse of the Costa Del Sol village which was Spanish inspired

Medieval inspired interior added to the Spanish ambiance

Fish Fun restaurant! At the end, you can fish for your own food & ask them to cook it for you

But you can always just walk in and order from their menu, and you'll get to eat super fresh seafood straight from the ocean! Try it since it's definitely worth it! 

The view from restaurant itself! All surrounded by the sea 

Random thought, but a perfect song for this moment would be Zedd's Lost at Sea

Denise doing yoga under a tree on a peaceful day. Why not? Haha 

The Balesin village, which is very Filipino in its exterior design

Perfect place to make 'pacutes'! Haha! I'm kidding

The balesin spa that had 'all-white-everything'

This was the most relaxing part of the island! Imagine getting a massage in that hut while you hear the ocean and when you open your eyes, you're in front of a beach. Oh, the simple pleasures in life... 

Walk way of the other side of the spa!

I love their theme for their spa. It had the perfect aura since relaxation and clarity of the mind is what's focused when you go to these kinds of places and white just screams that emotion well. 

Traditional Ifugao houses to house fellow natives! It's good that they keep the cultures alive by supporting them & by helping them have jobs 

Next up: St. Tropez inspired by the legendary hotel Byblos

This delicious banana & hazelnut crepe was perfect for the place

These colorful umbrellas blended well with the colorful walls of the village

Look at those creative little colored jars that acted as 
accent pieces, it really adds design to the place 

They even had their own 'hidden' Buddha Bar, perfect for just lounging around with friends 

Now moving on to the Bali village! This is what the clubhouse looks like! :)

Wow right? I know. Its amazing how they can transport you to different places around the world. 

The breathtaking view of the Bali Spa that were placed in stills in the water 

Next up: (everyone's favorite... drumroll please....) the Mykonos Village!!!

I heard that the food here is very authentic that's why I was excited to at least, 
go back for a while to my favorite place in the world... Greece! 

And... they did not disappoint! The pita bread was so good and freshly baked, the beef kebab was also very tasty and the chocolate mousse was so rich! Authentic indeed! :) 

The clubhouse of Phuket which had a black-tiled pool! :)

What I was up to when we had time to spare: reading The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho. 
Honestly, this book changed how I viewed life. 
It's truly inspiring, life-changing and deep but relatable.
Definitely a must read for anyone who wants to know more about their purpose & dream in life! 

I also tried their new activity! Segway time! 

What the Phuket clubhouse looks like at night! 

'The best' is an understatement to be able to describe this sushi roll. But, yes it is truly the best sushi roll I've tasted so far and it's named EDU SAN MAKI at the Sakura restaurant! Tonight, I'll definitely dream about it again..*drool*

Just like every other fairytales, stories about adventure and seeing a glimpse of paradise.. it ends.
But the memories that were created here, the family bond that grew stronger as the days went by, and the friends made in this island will never be replaced & forgotten

This place taught me how to live for the moment, 
how to be truly grateful of all the blessings from God.
How to not think about the past, or the future.. 
and to just enjoy what's happening right here, right now.
Truly, when that happens, you'll be happy, 
well not just happy but you'll feel an inner joy in your heart. 
I think that He made this weekend, and that book above an instrument, an experience.. 
for me to figure that out in a deeper sense.

Let God worry about tomorrow and leave it all up to Him. 
Remember, that happy people in life are the ones who have God within them! 
Hope you guys had an amazing weekend as well! :)
Watch out for more blog posts!
xx, Denise