Black as the Night.  Whenever someone asks me "So Denise, what's your favorite color?" I'm usually faced with a puzzled expression since my favorite color isn't a color at all. In fact, it's the absence of all colors...which is black. A proof of how much I love this color would be seen inside my closet. Probably half of the things that I own is of this shade and honestly, I still can't get enough of it. I don't know why I like it so much but there's always something so classy, mysterious and sophisticated about black. Plus points too, because it instantly makes you appear thinner! That's why, for a debut of a close friend of mine, I wanted to look simple but elegant at the same time. Check out my look below care of Religioso Manila for my gorgeous gown that's as black as the night :)

The key to simple clothes is to accessorize with statement pieces! 
Jewelry (chunky earrings and bangle) sponsored by my lovely jeweler mom :)

Make-up done by yours truly! I never did know how to professionally apply make-up but ever since I had to attend debuts of my friends almost every week a few months back, I needed to know some knowledge on these 'colored enhancers'. The key is to just keep it clean and to focus on one feature.

Don't you just hate it how long gowns cost so much and usually it won't allow you to wear them again? Well this isn't the case for this beauty! I really loooove how versatile this dress is! It's just a simple tube dress, with two straps in front and it's up to you to play with it. So you can mix it up, style it in your own way and be creative as you can be so you wear it to many events! It also goes well with any body type. Perfect combination of being a smart buyer + wanting to be a stylish lady in black! :)

Long flowy black gown that can be played either as a halter, one-sided, 
strapless, style-it-your-own kind of gown

I'm ready already! Lately, I've been basing the way that I dress with the saying 'the simpler, the better'! The classic look will never be out of style! It's timeless and you'll never ever go wrong, trust me.

Thank you so much Religioso for this beautiful gown!
Check their store out at the second level of Greenbelt 5, Makati
Official website:

Once you wear black, you won't ever go back.
What's your favorite color?