Lovely Sundays. Admit it, Sundays are usually lazy days for everyone. It's that one day of the week where we all stop doing all our work (or for some... start it hehe) to just spend time, eat out and bond with our families. For, me this is why I consider Sundays very lovely. It's mainly devoted to God, and to the people we love the most in this world. This outfit post is what I felt like wearing last Sunday. Since I still had that weekend getaway hangover from Balesin, I went for a 'Grecian inspired' look! Check it out! :)

Whites, denims and silver combinations are always best for the clean, day look!

I added a hint of 'loveliness' through this awesome lipstick red Celine tote

Arm candy for the day: yellow Balenciaga leather cuff + men's watch 

Of course, don't forget to smile because that's the best accessory among all! (yup, so cliche but its true!)

Don't forget those shades to protect your eyes during the day! 
Spot the not: Black hair tie that always comes in handy when you just decide to tie your hair up! 

My current favorite pair: silver Prada Alligator gladiators 

Sorry, college life is taking much of my time!
But stay tuned for a line-up of posts this week!
Watch out for more, friends :)
How was your weekend?
How do you usually spend your Sundays?
xx, Denise