Cafe Pascucci. Sometimes, we all need that one place where we can just relax and be ourselves. With all the things we have, it's so easy to put on a mask and be different characters, to play lots of roles everyday. May it be your own room or maybe the latest Italian cafe that's now in Manila called Pascucci... we all need some silence (with a little bit of chill music) in this chaotic life of ours. Although it's hard, we need to learn how to balance active life with our contemplative life, right? (that one I got in our English class! Haha) Check out the pictures of Pascucci, the cafe that's perfect for us, teenagers, because of its young atmosphere, relaxing mood and modern sophistication!

Caffe Pascucci is an Italian cafe located just outside the new wing of Glorietta 

Vibrant colors, very expressive walls and great lighting in the second floor! 

My favorite wall in the whole cafe which perfectly describes what this cafe is for!

I like the idea of placing the desert menu in the wall! Cute! 

They offer great desserts, cakes, muffins and more 

Two of their best-sellers! Banoffee coffee and dark chocolate cheesecake that's definitely worth every penny. I honestly got a sugar rush after eating these super good teats! Surely a must-try!!! :) 

"Street style" vibes blended into a cafe. Definitely a perfect place 
to post an outfit for the day (#ootd) picture!
Here's me just fooling around haha 

Thank you again, Cafe Pascucci! 
Definitely going back to Cafe Pascucci especially when I want to just chill and 
have bonding moments with friends over Italian coffee and unique desserts.
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AHHHH! How I missed blogging!! :) Sorry I got a bit busy for a while! 
Definitely back & have lots of things in store for you guys! :)