Chanel 'Supermarket' Fashion Show. Chanel, classic flannels, Karl Lagerfeld, Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner, Rihanna and supermarkets combined? Definitely unforgettable. That's what happened in this year's 2014 Chanel famous 'supermarket' themed fashion show. Finally, this collection is definitely something wearable and high-fashion at the same time. I loved the colors, cropped tops, monochromatic looks, chains & ripped designs. Check the pictures out!

Perfect trio: Rihanna with close friend Delevingne (in the middle) with Joan Smalls 

Cream ensemble with matching sunnies & thigh high boots 

When Chanel models walk the runway in sneakers, well that says a lot about this 
new 'sneaker craze' but hands down to Kendall Jenner... All I can say is 'you already'

Tattered cropped top & matching sweats! I love the color and the model!

Look at the details and the pearls on this look!

The hairstyle throughout the show was neat in front but tied up in a
 volumized ponytail with added designs that made it look very young and chic

The man behind it all: Karl Lagerfeld. Need I say more? 

Chanel water anytime, any day yes please

....and the trios strike again! I bet they enjoyed shopping at the Chanel Market 

It's such a unique concept mixing high-fashion, with street style. I loved everything!!! 
What do you think about it?

It's not every day you get to watch a Chanel fashion show in a supermarket
So, if you want to watch the full video, watch it here

Photos taken from this site and this site 

I can honestly say, I really missed blogging.
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