Shinsaibashi is a street (literally a whole covered stretch of shops) here in Osaka that's full of stores that ranges from European clothing lines like Zara to the local Japanese brands like Wego! This whole day was dedicated to this place because we wanted to make the most out of our stay here. Let me tell you, based from experience... one whole day is definitely not enough! Check out what else we did! 

Japan definitely gets better each day!
Highlight of the day: rotating sushi belts, Japanese cream puffs and street style brands 
Favorite part of today & a must try here in Japan? 
the Purikura  (プリクラ or their japanese photobooth seen in the last picture)
This is where my cousin & I enjoyed the most because we got to edit our pictures 
using a touch-screen and a stylus! It's very popular among the young girls & couples here in Japan!

Once again, goodnight! Sending love & hugs all the way from the Rising Sun! Watch out for more :)