Theme parks. Universal Studios. Who needs an explanation for those words? Whenever my family and I travel abroad, we see to it that we go out of our way and devote one whole day to visit these places. When we travelled to Tokyo before, unfortunately, they didn't have this. So, one of the main reasons why we decided to visit Osaka was because of their Universal Studios! Who wouldn't want to go to a place where you're brought back to your childhood memories right? Click to see pictures of how our day went! Read more

This Japan trip was definitely a trip I'll never forget with the people I truly cherish.
Every day that I'm with my family, I couldn't care less where we are.
As long as we're together, I'm always loved and grateful to the Lord for all the blessings!
Try to visit Japan for a change & witness how beautiful this country is!
From the food, to the people, to their traditions and history... it's a place worth visiting!

I hope you guys are continuing to enjoying your summer like I am!!! :) 
More posts to come! :)