What happens when you combine Neon, Neoprene and swimsuit together? Triangl of course!
 Just the other day, I received my Triangl package. As soon as I opened it, I fell in love. Its to die for!
 It's definitely in my must-have list for this summer. Get yours as well! Read more

The zippers and design is likened to the usual scuba diving suit but better and sexier!
When I tried this Jessy NightFox, the fit was perfect! there were no bulges in the side
Also, this top felt very secure so you can run around without getting bothered about anything

It comes with a pouch and care instructions so that you can use these delicate pieces properly!
Among all the swimsuits I've tried, this is the best one so far because the form doesn't change.
This proved to me that style & comfort truly does go hand in hand!

If you're unsure about your size, they have live chat rooms so you can ask them regarding your concerns. They also have the friendliest, most accommodating staff. I enjoyed ordering and working with them because they cater to your needs and really value their customers!

Thank you Triangl for this! You guys are the best!
How to order? They ship worldwide! Get yours today at Triangl site

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