Travelling. To take a 'journey' of some sort to another country is definitely a privilege. It's something to be truly grateful for because it's chance to be a first-hand witness of the wonders and the beauty of the world that we live in. It takes lots of preparations (from the tickets to the packing of clothes, what to bring, etc.) and finally, when the day comes, there's just something thrilling about it. Especially now that I'm a little bit older, I guess, it's something that I truly admire because I love the idea of 'taking a break'. We all need it. Sometimes an 'escape' from the usual routine brings us back to our senses and creates a different person, a better, more relaxed and peaceful version of ourself. Unfortunately, once we go back to the hustle and bustle of the city that we live in, we're back to reality. *insert sad teary-eyed emoticon* So, with that, let me ask you, what do you love about travelling? Here, I tell you 6 things that I personally love about it! See if you agree & read more   

1.) Food. Need I say more?
Just like the title, I don't think I have to explain anything... But I just want to share to you how much I love eating especially while travelling. Its the best time to break your diet because the food makes your trip 'worth it'. Food is something that connects people of all walks of life, of different nationalities and of diverse cultures. It amazes me, really, how food has that power over us. If you ask me personally,  I love sweets the most. (obvious in the second picture, which btw, is my favorite green tea ice cream of all time) Travelling gives you this experience and lets you try out authentic meals that'll surely make you smile like crazy right after finishing the last bite of that one-of-a-kind delicacy, or that last spoonful of soup from that unforgettable beef ramen that you just ordered. 

2.)  Material things that you can't buy back home
Admit it, part of the 'thrill' or the excitement that travelling has is the shopping that goes with it. It is in other countries that you find unique brands and cool things that you've never seen before. I always enjoy this, especially when it comes to fashion. I go to stores and buy something that other people back home don't have yet. Yes, I know, material things won't make you happy but they do give you the sense of temporary gratification that we all crave for. It's weird how we just can't get enough of what we already have. As humans, we always want more. Well in order to achieve that, the 'work hard, play hard' notion comes in.  Don't you think that you deserve a Chanel bag, or a new pair of Giuseppe Zanotti heels for all the hard work that you're doing?  

3.) Quality time with the people you travel with 
Nothing beats the company of the people you love in a place that's far from home. My family is my home. Wherever they are, I find peace and they are my source of happiness. (btw, hello to that photo-bomber behind my dad! haha). As an only child, it is in these times where I'm closer to my parents than ever. I truly cherish these moments because we spend quality time together. Travelling helps you get to know the people you're travelling with better and in a deeper way. You get to know what annoys them, makes them laugh, their fears, strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes etc. and just who that person is as a whole. Always remember that you're in the same trip together, so make each second count, explore the country together and be adventurous! :)

4.) Getting lost in a completely unfamiliar place
No one likes getting lost, but it's inevitable especially if you've just visited that country for the first time. (actually even if it's the nth time you still sometimes get lost haha) Let me tell you something, don't lose your temper when this happens because it's part of travelling! Lower your pride and ask around, or use trusty Google for directions! This is what makes it enjoyable because sometimes in life, you have to get lost in order to be found (wow, deep stuff right there) so just laugh at the situation and be patient, you'll surely find a way to get your way to your X-mark. 

5.) Finding your way back; or to your destination
There's nothing better than that overwhelming feeling of reaching the place you want to go to. It's a definitely a feeling of relief  from a solution to a problem that you've just encountered.  Again (sorry for this, it's 2am & I just really have that urge to connect this with human life haha I'm not used to sleeping this late), it can be applied to our lives. Sometimes, when we don't know where to go but ask for help, accept our mistakes and let God guide us, then we'll be directed to the right path.. or to that new mall that you've been searching for. 

6.) Forgetting your life back home for a while &
 living a new 'temporary' one
For a few days... you should try to forget. (but not completely, still try to do them when you have free time of course) Forget about that 20-page reading that you have to do, or that reflection paper that you have to type in, or that presentation you have for work and just explore the new place that you're in, cherish the time that you have with the people you're with, take lots of pictures and eat all the 'must-try' dishes. When you travel, you really get to do things that you don't normally do back home.

When you travel, you go out of your comfort zone. It's a chance to experience life as a different person, in a different country for just a short while. It is a humbling experience for most people who live extravagant lives. It satisfies your yearning for 'adventure' or discovery. It gives you a glimpse of who you can be, how you are and how the people around you live their lives. It's a big world out there. It's a test of survival. It's a test of your capabilities, weaknesses and at the same time overcoming some of them to become a better YOU at the end of the trip.

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What are the other things that you love about travelling?
Goodnight friends! More to come soon! :)
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