Personalize your things using Washi Tape! This is how my Sunday morning (together with my mom) started: personalizing the things we have at home with super colourful tape. I missed doing these things. Honestly, if I were given the chance to create these the whole day, I would gladly do it if I'm not too busy with college life, work, love life (wahh haha) and other things. Anyway, for this DIY I used Washi Tapes. These are colored masking tapes from Korea that can be used to design almost anything! It's just fun to work and play with. It truly brings out your creative side! Want to know how to do this? It's very easy and simple! Learn how below :)

Here are the things needed: Lots of Washi tapes in different widths, colors and designs (think the more, the merrier!), scissors, ruler and or a cutter. Today, I decided to personalize 3 things my notebook, a clear iPhone 5 case and my charger! Let's get started shall we?

The first one I did was the notebook that I already have. It was too simple so I decided to give it a little twist! 
Create your own pattern, lay the Washi tapes to make your own unique order and start taping over the cover page.

Cut the edges and fold them to create a clean look. The more colors, the better. 
 Try to make the designs different by placing a pattered tape beside a bold colored one. Too cute!

This was the first finished product and I like it so much!  I can't wait to use this for school next term.
 Look at my baby lion Zoey she seems to like the design as well haha! 

My next item was the iPhone case! What I did here was that I cut the tapes so that the width would look irregular, creating an effect that resembles my tribal design Sharpie post found here. I admit, I really have something with iPhone cases! I even have another design here that involved glitters. I guess it's just something that we all use everyday, and it's good to have a case that only YOU can have in this world, right? 

Lastly, I started to decorate my iPhone charger (seen up there, right side) because it's hard to distinguish my charger from my other family members especially when we're travelling or are out. They're just all too similar! With what I did, I think this is the best way to 'put your name' not just in your charger, but in other things as well. What's good is that the tape can be removed anytime and it does not leave a mark or anything. 

These types of activities are more fun done with friends or with other people! Or, it works well too, when you're just alone while making it.. probably for a personal use or as a gift for someone? Gifts mean more when they're personally made because you invest time and effort into it.

So, turn up the chill music, and just tape your things! It's actually also very relaxing to do. For me, its my therapy. I guess I just really enjoy creating things and combing colourful materials to create something more beautiful. I really love art. 

Try it out & let me know what other things can be taped & personalized! Enjoy this DIY! :)