Managing time. In my Philosophical Anthropology class, we learned that 'time' is something that we cannot control but we can choose how to spend it wisely. This is when time, truly becomes gold, something priceless and something that can never be taken back. 

Today, time management was something that I had to practice because I had to accomplish tasks for both school and work. In school, surprise quizzes were given so we always had to be ready. College is very fast-paced that's why self-studying is the best way to survive in it. Discussions, presentations and papers due are piling up that's why the best way to solve this is to have a to-do list. This just works for me so much because it makes me want to put a check to all those boxes. Also, wherever you are, make sure that you have your readings with you so that you get to finish reading them. After school, I went straight to work (with my special someone who accompanied me the whole time, thank you Miguel! Hi! hehe), which was in the VIVA office to record for Sarah Geronimo's voice over in the Popstar Diaries show in Viva channel. It's always fun to do this because I enjoy reading  (with feelings of course!)  and for a few minutes I get to become like a ….Popstar... like Sarah... haha!  

At the end of the day, I realized that time is really something that we should all treasure. We should not make it control us, but instead we should control our own time because it's always up to us to decide how we will spend it. Today, I can say that I used my time wisely. How about you? Did you do the same? What can you do to make time for the things that you prioritize in your life? 

xx, Denise