It is true that you can't have a rainbow without a little rain. This is a great reminder, especially for everyone who's here in Manila and who's experiencing the roaring winds and crazy rain showers that has been pouring down ever since yesterday. So, today, I decided to write about the things that you can do on a rainy days like these (especially for those with no classes)
Check out the list below :)

 Spend quality time with your loved ones
If it means just being with anyone special in your life, your mom, your dad, your sibling or your lover... give them your full attention. Catch up with them. (or better yet, catch up with sleep... because sleep is almost always considered as your 'loved one' especially when you're deprived of it or if you're in college already hehe) Tell them what's happening in your life right now. Bond over coffee, or tea, or something to munch on while listening to sad 'rain-y' songs. It'll be great just spending quality time with your loved ones especially if you've been so busy lately. 

 Have a movie marathon
Nothing beats watching your favorite movies again and again, and feeling like it's the first time you've watched it. Cry in the parts that you can relate to. Laugh even if you already memorize every line that's being said in the movie. Or, if you're not that type, watch the movies you've never watched before. Try other genres! Invite your friends, make popcorn, just have the perfect chill, movie marathon day while pigging out (of course, this is the best part)

 Read a book
I'm actually doing this right now because there's something about the rain + books that's just perfect together. 
Re-read your favorite book, or better yet, finish that book that you've always wanted to! 
Don't forget to wear your pyjamas & drink hot tea or hot chocolate while reading for that 'lazy day' vibe! 

Bake something sweet or try out a new recipe
For once, forget about that DIEt you've been following and just pig out! Give yourself a break. 
Bake something sweet, or try out a recipe that you've saved and has been in your 'bookmark' bar forever! 
*drools... hypnotised by the chocolates seen* 

Try working out! Burn those fats!
I know it's ironic to place this point next to #4 and it's difficult to get the motivation to start working 
out given a gloomy weather, but why not, right? If you're really bent on having your 'dream body' fast, 
then you'll take advantage of your free time and use it to start burning those calories! 
*btw, side comment, one day I will have this girl's body. One day.. watch me...
But in the mean time I shall read and eat and sleep and blog... hehe* 

 Ask how your relatives and friends are doing
Sorry for not getting the picture for the iPhone 6, but anyway, yes... Contact your family members and friends. 
Ask them if they're doing just fine, or if their furniture is already swimming on its own... 
Always lend a helping hand, especially if you're okay where ever you are now. 
Just a simple message like 'How are you? Stay safe!' makes a big difference! 
(or you can tweet or IM them if you want)

7.) Don't forget about the things you need to do
Yes, you can do everything that's mentioned above but of course, you can't entirely forget about all your responsibilities 
that are pilling up and waiting for you in that corner!!! So, don't forget to accomplish the things that you HAVE to do and
 know that this is just a break from all those. This actually gives you more time to do them, so think this way 'the faster I get to finish
 these homeworks and papers with quality, the more time I have to do the other things that I want to do!' 
*yayyyyy!* But, luckily for me, I have a one-week break coming up so more time for me to blog!
*another yayyyyy!*

But, despite it all, times like these make you grateful of the things that you have. 
Be grateful that you have a house to live in, a family to love, 
internet to check out blogs and your school updates, food to eat, movies to watch, 
and just a place where you feel safe at all times. 
Also, always be willing to help those people in need! 
For the ones who have more, more is expected from them :) 

What are you planning to do on this rainy day? Stay safe, everyone! 
Pictures from Tumblr, and from my Instagram account: @deniseeherediaaa