Weekend Getaways. First of all, I have to apologize for not updating my blog lately, I promise that starting today I will blog more DIYs, more beauty tips and tricks and random things that I would want to share with you guys. I started this blog not for myself, but with the goal to share to others what I know about styling, traveling, creating something out of things that we already have at home, fitness and more. I will see to it that whenever you will read my posts, you'll learn something from it because this is my dream. I want to inspire others through this blog. I want you to feel good about yourself, or learn something new after reading the things that I'm going to write about. It would be great too, if you suggest topics for me to write about :) (well, because there's just too much!) 

Anyway, just this weekend, my family and I had an impromptu trip out of town. It made me realize so much about my family and about balancing everything in life especially after watching my new favorite movie If I Stay. (if you haven't watched it, then now's the time… you're really missing out if you don't) In this fast paced world that we live in, sometimes, it's good to stop, look and be grateful for the blessings you're receiving every single day. Even if it's just waking up in the morning, eating breakfast with your parents, seeing your friends in school and more… makes you realize that the people in the everyday routine that we have are the ones that make life worth waking up to. Often times, you have to appreciate the people around you, especially your family because they're the ones whom you can trust fully and will always be there for you to love you. 

It's good to try to balance your life and not just focus on work. Take a break. Know that what you are going through now (which you call 'stress' -- may it be in school or work) is something that will pass because God will never give you something you can't handle. There's bad times because there will always be something good that will come out of it. So, spend time with your loved ones, appreciate them, be grateful to have them and  try to balance everything in your life now. You can do it, I know you can :) 

xx, Denise