Last night was one of those nights that serves as the 'highlight of my week' since I got the chance to watch Chvrches live here in Manila! It was my first time attending an event in the Samsung Hall of SM Aura (the dome-like structure) and it was just perfect because it had that 'underground' feel to it which really matched the electronic music played by one of the coolest Scottish bands today.

I opted for (my go-to color as usual) black, on black on black look for tonight! 

This was taken right after they went on stage and sang their first song

Gadgets everywhere! As soon as they performed, all cameras were in the air.
I'm sure everyone was trying to capture that one perfect shot to capture moments of this concert...
and also so that they can post in IG with the caption #ChvrchesManila 
(haha I should know coz I'm like this)

I love their songs Lies and Mother We Share. 
The latter one was sang as their finale song and its my favorite song whenever I just want to have a 
chill afternoon because it's super catchy and so easy to sing along with!
I also love how Lauren Mayberry's (lead singer) voice remained
unchanged compared to that of their recorded songs - 
very much like listening to my iPod, but live

I honestly loooove Chvrches and I was so glad that they were here in Manila last night and I got the chance to hear them live together with my friends! 
Thank you again to SM accessories and their other partners for bringing them here and for such a great concert!!! :) More to come!!!
#ChvrchesManila #SMAccessories