Just last weekend, I got the chance to escape from busy Manila, and into what I referred to in my previous post here as a 'paradise', which is in Balesin. This time, I was with my family and my cousins, which made it extra special since we got to bond as a family. I missed this place. I honestly love that despite being in just one island, I get to visit 7 different 'countries' because of their themed villages. This is indeed such a creative idea. Also, this time, I was glad that I got to see Balesin differently since I got to visit the rooms for each place and was able to try the different activities that they offer. Check it out!

Blues and whites for that signature Grecian style 

Even the restaurants have amazing Greek food 

At the pool of the Costa Del Sol, or the Spanish inspired village 

Sneak peak of their latest creation!!! This is the room of the Grand Royale! 

After seeing it, it's now definitely one of my favorites! :) 

At Saint Tropez, the French village with my beautiful mom

Oh wow, look what we have here... I'm matchy-matchy with the room #awkward  

Another one of those cute corners in this french village 

Fun fact: these plates were all imported from France! 

Next stop was Toscana & this wall reminded me so much of Italy! 

One of the best spots in the island is this spa which is in front of the beach 

This was inside one of the floating villas in the Bali village
 Imagine waking up to that kind of view! 

We stayed in the Balesin village and it was perfect because it was located in the beach front 

Afternoon strolls by the beach are the best 

Metallic tattoos that I purchased online. Perfect for the beach setting! I didn't need accessories

Say hello to Quest! Horse back riding by the beach? Check! :)

Also go to fulfil a dream of mine, which was to try archery!
 It's such a stress-reliever and it's definitely nerve wrecking at first,
 but once you get the hang of it, it's super fun!!! 
Now I have to learn how to get a bull's eye! 

The Bali village pool in the morning! This is how beautiful the Philippines is! 

The Bali village at night - the bar here is also a very chill place! 

We all need rest. Sometimes, at the end of a busy & stressful day, it's great to relax and unwind with the people you love the most. Give yourself a break. Have an escape once in a while and remember what really matters the most. But, as of now, school's back and it's hustle time again! :)