I have to admit...Now that I'm nearing my 20's (wow, time flies by so fast!) I'm getting attached to basic clothes. For me, now it's more of quality than quantity. This is what happens with my outfits especially for school. Since I'm currently studying in a college with a strict and conservative dress code, at first, I thought it would be difficult to show your who you are with own style and mix things up but surprisingly, it isn't so bad. I realized that I like to play things up, especially with what I wear. I pick clothes according to my mood, which can be very indecisive at times so there are days where I'm a girly girl, but I also have my 'tomboy-ish' days.

White polo beneath a grey pull-over 

Grayscales of black, whites and grays for my super comfy look today.
When picking outfits, stick to three colors, or two.. or one to get that 'minimalist' style

My current obsession right now: my white Stan Smith sneakers
I swear, I can pair anything with it. It's just a classic 

Sometimes, it's nice to dress down a bit. 
What really matters is how you carry the clothes that you wear
But at the end of the day, remember that what is beautiful is always what is natural and simple. 
So, how about you? What do you wear when you want to be a little bit boy-ish for the day?