I've always heard that Mind Museum in the Fort was a great place but I've never had the chance to visit it until this weekend! True enough, it was a very informative and interactive museum. It's perfect for educational field trips, bonding with the family or friends or... maybe even for a date with someone special?
 Either way, it makes learning fun for everyone of every age!

I think this was a section on the cell divison? Haha 
Nonetheless, its good to see life-size versions of your topics in high school and in college! 

Half-smiling beside giant chemical bonding dioramas 

Playing with lighting is always fun to do! 

Opted for a laid-back day look with combinations of beige and browns
Similar to this post of mine 

+ We luckily saw Street arts around the area 

This may seem a bit random, but...
At the end of that day, I realized the real importance of learning. 
In life, we have to remember that we should never stop learning.
We should never stop growing, because we always have room for improvement.
Every day is packed with adventures, stories and new experiences.
As human beings, our minds are capable of infinite knowledge. 
So, grasp whatever you can, learn more, take advantage of this feature, 
and appreciate the things around you while you still can! :)