I remember a rule before about not being able to put black and brown colors together when it comes to outfits, but today I decided to disobey that rule
  (#badass haha)  Today's outfit for school was more on neutrals and basics, but added a twist by accessorising it. It's a little bit more girly compared
 to my usual sweatpants, and t-shirt routine

Plain top and plain jeans? Break it up with a printed bag that coordinates the whole look together

Tans, browns, black and gold go well together 

To top it off: big curls and light, barely there make up 

One of the cutest and daintiest ballet flats I have & I love them! 
Really cute pointed flats with a ribbon to add to that 'girly' feel :) 

See the power of accessories & how it make a big difference in outfits?
But, always remember, the best accessory you can wear is a smile & a positive attitude