It was an errand day for me (and my little bear Zoey!!!) so I decided to go a bit ragged by wearing my favorite AG Jeans. They're a little bit loose so it was easy for me to walk around and do whatever I wanted to! I paired this with another comfortable cross Wildfox couture top and I was ready for anything!

I didn't even bother to accessorize so I just grabbed my Aviators and my watch! 

My little zoey says hi to you guys! She's like a little lion don't you think?

Been so in love with my white sneakers lately! (isn't it obvious? haha)

Lastly, I completed the look with my minimal, barely there everyday make-up 

Sometimes, it's good to go out of your comfort zone...especially in your everyday outfits. 
Try something new, but don't separate from who you truly are!
Remember, what you wear is part of your identity.
So be true to yourself always :)