It's another school day for me for this post and I decided to wear something different, something girly but still matching with blacks and whites! Since it's cold in our classrooms in school, I decided to layer my clothes by wearing something girly, colorful and floral. Check this look out!

I didn't deviate from the black and white scheme, but I added a hint of color by adding one of my favourite bomber jackets which can be seen in this post as well: Bomber Jacket 

I just love this jacket because from a far, it actually looks like a painting! (even my prof said so)
This is something I've been up to lately & I'll post all about it soon so watch out for it :) 

The shoes that I love wearing right now! They're my very own man-dals haha! 

For some day, put on simple jeans, a plain tee and just add a cute jacket & you're good to go!
But don't forget that your color scheme matters. Make sure they all complement each other :)