We all have to admit that time flies so fast. I honestly can't believe that I'm not a teenager anymore. When I was younger, all I wanted was to be older... but now, it's the opposite. I just wish that I can be 17 forever. Unfortunately, that's not how life is and whether we like it or not, we all have to grow older, but what matters is that we become wiser through our experiences and more grateful of all our blessings. In this post, I will share to you 20 things I learned now that that I'm in my 20's...

1.) You have to present yourself in a more respectable manner because you're not longer a teenager anymore. Wear more decent and classic clothes that will never go out of style. Remember to stay classy, never trashy and a little bit sassy.

2.) Applying make-up and fixing your hair for everyday, ocassions or for any event should already be learned and mastered if you can. There are countless Youtube videos you can learn from! Have a day devoted to that and learn what you can. It's really important!

3.) Learn how to take care of your health. Eat clean. Be good to your body because it's the only one you have and because no one else will. Exercise daily. Drink lots of water.  

4.) Know that you can't depend on anyone but yourself - learn to be independent and to do what you can while you can still do it.

5.)  Learn how to drive on your own - It will be helpful when there are emergencies and you'll get this sense of fulfillment when you reach the places you have to go to or be able to parallel park correctly in front of the store you need to buy from.

6.) Reading isn't boring at all - You get to have many different lives at the comfort of your very own home. Cherish the things that you'll learn from them. This is where you'll surely gain more knowledge and wisdom that no one else will teach you.  

7.) Sleeping is a privilege. It's not something that you'll hate as a child but its something that you'll be lucky to have if you completed 8 hours of it (or more.. THE BETTER!)

8.) Know that your family will always be there for you no matter what happens & appreciate them.  Respect your parents and listen to them because they know what's best for you. Love them always!  

9.) You should be able to pray specifically for that partner that you want in your life & if you've met that person already, always be grateful and always strive to bring out the best in each other. 

10.) Friends will come and go but the ones that stay with you can be considered your 'sisters' or your bffs for life as long as you keep constant communication with them. 

11.) Take care of your relationships with other people - teachers, classmates, friends of friends, acquaintances & always leave them with something good to remember you by.

12.) Decide on your own without another person's opinion - You are a completely different person with the capacity to choose for yourself. Choose well, choose good and choose what's right. 

13.) Take time to do something good for your soul - Do what YOU truly love doing. Do something that makes you go back to your senses, something that will humble you and relax you after a stressful week. 

14.) Go out of your comfort zone and try something new for a change - Experience is the best teacher. Strive for self-perfection in whatever aspect you choose to do. Don't settle for mediocrity, strive for excellence and seek God's help always. "With God, nothing is impossible."

15.) Have big goals in life. Dream big and do something everyday to slowly achieve that goal. You'll be thankful in the future.

16.) Difficulties? Heartbreaks? Problems? Know in your heart that this will pass. God will never give you something you can't handle. They're there to make you stronger, and to make you learn a lesson. You may not understand it now but God knows that its for the best. Trust God and He'll lead you to the right path. 

17.) In order to get through life, we will always need God and we will always go back to God. He is a forgiving God. Repent for your wrong doings and establish a deeper relationship with Him. Pray whenever you can. 

18.) Examine your life once in a while. Reflect and meditate. Review the points you need to change starting today. We should be constantly improving and not downgrading ourselves. 

19.) When things don't go your way, don't give up. If you love doing something and it keeps on letting you down, try again. Create a strong foundation for yourself & be clear with what you want.

20.) Make mistakes. Stand up, laugh at it and learn from it. Inspire others. Live. Love. 

The days are long but the years are short.
What's great is that you still have a whole set of years ahead of us! :)
Let's make it count! :)