Yes! You read it right. Denise paints. Just this December, I tried out something that I've never done before... I started painting (using acrylic and canvas). It all started with me and my mom trying to look for paintings that we can buy for our new house and I started to have an interest in them ever since. I also had a Fine Arts course in my last semester and in this class, we were taught how to analyze aesthetically the beauty of paintings. We studied all the forms and elements, the definition of admirable and enjoyable beauty and so much more! This class made me look art differently, and so I was inspired to create my own works. If you want it, do something to get it, right?

Whenever I start painting, I'm faced with a blank canvas. I realised that this canvas is just like us. 
We're all blank canvases waiting to be filled with combinations of lines, colors, shapes and textures. We create our own masterpiece. 
It's really up to you to make it a great one or a bad one 
(wow deep! haha!!)

This was my first time to paint & you can see how happy I was!! It's really great to do something you love! 
With painting, I don't notice time passing by and it's such a great therapy. Haha! :)

This was my first ever work on a 36 x 48" canvas! It was very geometric :)

My next work was immediately a commissioned one! This one was has the word 'love' hidden in it

My next one was another textured work with the word 'pray' in it! 
I enjoy doing these textured paintings. 
Here's a picture of the 'Pray' painting in its new home!

Another commissioned work for a construction company which was 48 x 48"
It was challenging to do but definitely a great experience! It was almost as big as me!! 

Here's me with Richard Gomez who added one of my paintings to his amazing collection! 
I'm honored to have one of my works displayed in his home :)

This one's a request of my mom. If you look closely, the grided shapes form the word 'Heredia', which is our last name.  
This one will be placed in our new house & I can't wait for it!

This red black and white one is very geometrical as well

This is one of my cleanest works and the one in tito Richard's house as well

I really don't know why but I have a thing for black and white paintings. I think it's obvious! Haha!
 I just feel like it'll go with anything especially with modern houses and rooms 

Taupe black and white is a great combination! This one's also another commissioned work 

Something girls would love! I'm so excited for this other commissioned work for a client who'll put up a store for bags 

My version of a skyline 

Another variation of the 'Heredia' painting that I have 

This is so cute because the yellow mustard circle looks like a sun! It was fun to make this 

Another work that I experimented on! 

My tito Raymart Santiago loved this painting because for him, it symbolized his parachute, his landing area and the buildings around it!
 I'm glad he appreciates my works :)

More blacks and whites, shapes and taupe 

In this work, it proves that there is truly 'order in disorder'. This one was inspired from one of Jose Joya's paintings, and I love how it turned out to be! In person, this is very textured and this is my favourite of them all. Its different when you get to see these paintings in person and I'm glad that a special person in my life will will keep this safe for me :) 

Another textured work of mine with a combination of blacks, reds, greys and whites 

This is something that I did and I love how balanced it is. It's a series, a two-part work :)

My latest commissioned work is huuuuuge! It's 36 x 72 " and its personalized for a beautiful family's living room :) I'm so excited to deliver this to them tomorrow. 

Almost everyday, I wake up very early 5am or 6am just to start some paintings that I already envision in my head the night before. Once I start something, I can't sleep without finishing it and I really don't care if I have to sleep late or not sleep at all if that's what I have to do. I'm glad that the people around me, my friends, my loved ones, my family all support me with what I'm doing now. I hope I get to do more commissioned works for the future and add to the aesthetic designs of homes of many people. I'm so grateful to God for giving me the opportunity to pursue this passion of mine.
What is YOUR passion? Are you ready to step out of your comfort zone and try something new this year?
 Go ahead! No one's stopping you :) Do what makes you happy always! :)

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