Today was a pamper day at the Lancome event at Dusit Hotel in Makati. 
It was a girl's bonding day since I  brought with me my lovely mother, aunt & grandmother. 
We all had a great time getting a relaxing 30-min facial & make-up all by Lancome 
and a Kerastase blow-dry afterwards. Then, we just had the day to ourselves! 

Here's me and my pretty mom (aka my best friend & my sister) after getting fixed!
I honestly can't imagine my life without her. 
Whenever I talk about her, I can't help but tear up.. that's how much I love her.
If you're reading this, I love you mom. I may not say it everyday but I do :)
Thank you for every waking moment & for every loving second.
I am so grateful to God to have you as my mother! 

Sometimes, it's great to take a break from work + from all our to-do-lists in life 
and just spend time with the people who matter the most. 
They're the ones who make life worth while.

I hope your Saturday was as relaxing as mine. 
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!
xx, Denise