This is my latest piece of art entitled "Rose Gold, Gold Rose" Diptych -18 x 24" each - mixed media on canvas 

Lately, I've been in the mood for abstract works. I'm so thankful because
 I finally have the time to paint now that I'm officially on my summer break!

If asked personally, this kind of work is my first love. Before I even started painting, my heart already belonged to abstract art. 
There's just something about it that makes people interpret it in their own way - and that to me is such a beautiful thing.
 It is in abstract works where you see that beauty is unity. Each part contributes to form a whole. The combination of colors,
lines, streaks, splatter marks, highlights, texture...everything makes it one whole masterpiece. Also, the fact that one piece
can never berepeated again, exactly the same way makes it so unique.  Abstract art is something that should speak to you and
should not dictate to you anything, but rather, adjusts according to what you want it to mean (therefore, the lack of literal form)
You form things yourself. You make it work for you. 

"It was all yellow" - 20 x 30"- mixed media on canvas 

"Dark Wings" - 20 x 30" each - mixed media on canvas 

"The role of the artist is not to answer questions, but rather, to ask them."
Find out what you're passionate about it life & do that for the rest of your life.