Manila heat is soooo crazy these days, don't you think? It's so hard to wear dark colors since they absorb heat twice as much as the lighter colored clothes. So today, I decided to lighten things up a bit and put together a neutral look. Honestly, whenever I pick my clothes, I make sure that the colors are always coordinated. There are times where I'd like to think of myself as a blank canvas - if I were to present myself today as a painting, what will I look like? With that, I paired up whites, taupes and hints of brown. 

I love unique accessories like the ones I'm wearing: diamond ear cuffs, a diamond chained ring bracelet and silver ring bands.

Whenever I wear accessories, I always lean towards silver ones since it goes with most colors!

Backpacks are the best because you won't have to take care of them. 
I really ove the classic shape of this one.

These jeans are my current favourite since they come in my favourite neutral color: Taupe! 
It isn't so obvious - even my nails are currently painted with this color.

As you can see, I'm all about comfort with my outfit. I'm usually boyish when I dress up
 but I make sure that I still have that girly touch to it. 

Finished the look off with Nike Air Force 1's because I'm secretly a sneaker head. 

We're all blank canvases waiting to be filled with colors.
What's your usual color scheme for your everyday look?