Last Tuesday, I was invited to the most empowering & inspiring event I've ever attended. It was called Skin White U Speak 
and it was held at the beautiful Enderun Campus. I didn't know what to expect at first, but as it progressed, I noticed that it was an event 
on an advocacy made by Skin White against the negativity that girls experience in today's time; issues such as bullying, shaming and gossiping. 
For them, it’s time to spark a change that’s not just skin deep by letting girls inspire other girls. It’s time to bring girls out to the light and let them sparkle with bright possibilities because we all have our own spark!  

We were required to wear an outfit with either white or Skin White's shade of blue. I decided to go all white for the event 
because I've always been a fan of the monochromatic look. White on white never disappoints! 

I opted for brighter accessories so that the look won't be so boring. 
I chose this clutch because of its bright colors that are perfect for the summer heat. 

As soon as I arrived, I was asked to make my own pins (guess what, I even had the change to press down the machine and
 actually create my own pin! It was fun!) and color my own pillow which had the 'We SPARK by inspiring others' quote 
(this was my favourite part ever! I admit to coloring the pillow almost the whole time haha)

Artist at work... using markers and a pillow! We surely enjoyed this part. 

So glad I got to meet the gorgeous Janna Tee + we had matchy nude Rockstuds! 

Janna creating and personalizing her own pins! 

Now, presenting the chosen advocates for U Spark 2016 who are all active in spreading positivity not only in their universities, 
but also in everyday life -  Skin White Ambassadors: Martina Reyes, Sabine Dualan, Bea Alcañeses, Crisselle Asuncion, 
Allysza Marasigan and Klaire Ellise Dulay (not in order) 

Such cute pins for such a cute event! 

Color-It-Yourself pillows! They took time to color, but it made me feel like a kid again - 
we should never forget to be a child sometimes and to not take life too seriously. 

Here I am with the people who made this event possible! SkinWhite Associate Brand Manager, 
Ma. Rachelle D. Layda and ms Maita Ampil, SkinWhite Associate Brand Manager 

With my fellow blogger Cher Lui Pio, Janna Tee, Arra San Agustin

Here I am with the young and fresh Skin White Ambassadors and Ms. Maita Ampil! 

The event host Jaz Reyes was so full of energy! I loved the way she spoke. 

After this, an inspirational speech was made by Inspirational Speaker and Author, Marianne Mencias.
I'm so big on the whole girls inspiring other girls because I believe in this statement. 
I loved her speech and I was empowered to know my purpose 
in life and spread it with others. It's always nice to be reminded of your passion 
and your power to change the world if you start doing what you love doing.   
Together, we are #BrighterTogether and we can help inspire other girls by being an example ourselves! 

Such a cute school locket set-up in one corner of the room filled with Skin White products

I love lotions with SPF because it protects your skin from the harmful rays of the sun! With this new product of Skin White, 
exerience a new kind of whitening with the same  SkinWhite Classic Lotion that you know, now with an improved 
Light- Feel Technology, that is easily absorbed by the skin making it visibly fairer without the heavy, icky after-feel.

So, are you ready? It’s time we let girls graduate from negativity and shine bright
 with beautiful brighter possibilities with SkinWhite, U Spark Advocates and you! 

I learned so much from this event. I learned that in life, one has to be strong in order to overcome all the negativity that's around us. We will all go through problems in life but what matters is that you are definite about who you are, what you want and your purpose in life so that nothing can shake you or bring you down. You have to stand up for something, or else, you'll fall for anything. Now, I dare you. It's time to go out to the real world, do what you love, do good and and start being a leader yourself in order to inspire other girls! 

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