It's the second day of the week which means that it's time to work! Today, I had a meeting and it turned out to be a success.
 I decided to be in my all black look because... you'll never go wrong with this color.
 For me, It's very sophisticated, classic and professional at the same time. 

Outfit details! Black on black on black... well you get what I mean.

I've been loving tie tops lately. I love this one from Zara because it adjusts according to your body.

Currently addicted to these Silver Thom Browne oversized mirror reflectors! It goes with anything.

I like mixing plain tops with trousers with subtle prints and I wore simple
 but functional accessories - a men's watch & a small sling bag for my needs

Here's my shoefie for the the day. I can't survive those high heeled shoes but this 
one's great since the heels are thicker than usual.

Hope you had a great & productive Tuesday like I did! 
xx, Denise