If you've noticed, I've been playing with denim pieces. For today, I decided to make my patched denim skirt from Zara, the main focal point of my look. I love this skirt because the patches add more color to the usual denim blue - so it's easier to match it with different tops. I wore a mustard halter top since I noticed that it matched most of the patterns in the prints. Then, for that casual feel, I finished the look off with white Stan Smith sneakers. I think that this look is perfect for a music festival, or a sunny day out, or throw in a denim jacket if you'll have a movie date or something!

Whenever I try to pick an outfit for the day, I choose one key piece then I start to build my look based from that. 
From the color scheme to the formality of the outfit, that's how I decide what I'll wear on a daily basis.

Admittedly, I sometimes base what I'll wear according to my mood. Since it's a Monday today, I decided to wear something bright and positive 
because I've read somewhere that you decide how your story goes, which characters play a major role, and who you let mentally drag you down.
 Wouldn't you rather make your story be a positive one all the time? (IG: @deniseherediaaa)

How about you? What do you usually start with, when you pick your outfits every day? Do you base your looks off your mood as well? 

(Top - Topshop, Skirt - Zara, Shoes - Adidas Stan Smith, Pearl Bracelet - Zara)