Let's all admit that wearing denim this summer is such a challenge, but it's possible!  Because of the crazy heat these past few days, 
we can't help but wear light and thinner clothes. So, when it comes to denims, make sure you choose the one that's not too thick 
so that it's easy to wear and pair up with. 

I personally love denim clothes because they're so classic and timeless. Whether it's bleached, stretch, ripped, dark or light... 
It's really a great investment because it's something that you can still wear after a few years from now. The top I'm wearing in this post 
was actually my mom's and I'm still able to use it #vintage! Make denim on denim looks by pairing up a denim top and shorts/pants that has 
similar shades of blue - then add white, black, gray or silver hints to it.

How about you? What are your tips for wearing denim this summer? 

Styling, hair & make-up, editing and lay-outing by yours truly
Awesome Photography by Patrick Luis Picache 
Follow him in his IG account @picvche