I have always believed that balance is one of the key factors to maintaining a healthy and happy life. 
At one point in your life, you should be able to find the perfect equilibrium in everything especially
 when it comes to work and rest. We sometimes neglect this, but we need to find quiet time in our busy lives
 in order to bring us back to who we really are. Just last week, I was blessed do exactly just that. 
I was able to cleanse my body, clear my mind and feed my soul by visiting The Farm at San Benito.

I was with my good friend Kally Araneta, and as soon as we arrived we were directed to our beautiful and cozy Narra pool villa.

Our villa had its own heated pool so, of course, we were psyched to immediately dive in despite the gloomy weather!

When you open the sliding doors opposite the bed, this is what you'll see: the breathtaking view of the jungle. 
I honestly loved seeing all these lush greens surrounding us.

I'm not vegan, but these were the meals that we ate the whole time we were there.
Their farm-to-table philosophy was what amazed me, since they grew practically everything that they served us!
 I could say that with the way they cooked their food, I wouldn't mind converting into a vegan myself. 
I was a fan of their spring rolls, tofu steak and vegan sushi! 

I didn't mind going all black for this trip because it's always my go-to color. I tried to break the look off with 
my new favorite tassle earrings from No Ordinary! (Check them out for cute pieces!)

I needed to be comfy for this trip but I would never sacrifice style! So, I decided to add a 
hint of blues + pearls to my monochromatic look! 

This was the view as soon as you enter the Healing Sanctuary. I literally felt like I was transported to another country, 
like Bali or some where else, because it had exactly the same vibe.

Took this shot at 6am: after our early morning yoga session. The rain was pouring, everything was damp, the air was so fresh
 and the serenity we felt while doing the class was truly something else. This gave me so much energy which fuelled me for the whole day.
 I just loved every bit of it because yes, I have to admit that I am such a morning person. 

The breakfast set right after our yoga session was perfect. For those who know me personally, they know how selective I am of what I eat. 
I'm not choosy, I just choose to eat the right food that's catered to my blood type (yes, I have been a fan of this ever since I was younger). 
So, when it comes to nutrition, I believe that eating healthy is such an important part of our mind, body and soul + 
that it should be a lifestyle, not a diet. That morning, I had fruits and hot ginger lemon tea! 
You could only imagine how happy my soul and my body was. 

Our second day was dedicated to a neutral, day look - beige, gold and denims.

We were so fortunate to be able to witness the opening and blessing of their new Acqua Sanctuary 
- a new spa that incorporates water into their treatments. It's definitely a must-try and one of the first of its kind here in Manila! 

You guessed it! This spa had all sorts of pools. So if you're a water baby like me, you'll want to try it all out! 

I love wearing gladiators to my out of town/beach trips but it sure takes patience to wear them and take them out... haha!

My favorite part of any spa - the steam and sauna rooms because it's always fun to detoxify this way.

The interiors in the new Acqua Sanctuary were so clean and so Instagram worthy! 

This was what I was talking about a while ago - here are the different water spa treatments that you'll surely want to try!

I think that if you want to clear your mind, this is the perfect spot you'll choose.

White on white on white. I'm a fan of clean interiors surrounded with glass + this kind of view! 

These are the organic fruits and veggies that they grow themselves. 
It's all used to make their juices and smoothies. 
Now, that's what you call fresh produce!  

We didn't have the chance to, but one of the activites you can do is to design your own flower mandala just like the one above.

This was the room for the harmonizing session - it was more of like a treehouse since it was elevated 
above and levelled with the trees. This was such a relaxing sight to see. 

Play of lines for this shot  - both vertical and horizontal. This made me miss my photography classes.

We were grateful to meet Dr. Marian Alonzo, who was very knowledgeable about healing through 
harmonizing the body (which was through different gestures and actions).
She made me realize that health wasn't just about what you eat on a day-to-day basis, but rather, 
it's the totality of the mind, body and soul. She taught us that these three components 
are necessary to balance a person out. At the end of the day its really all about 
your disposition as a person, it is the totality of the "I" that makes you healthy & sane.

Current favorite read at the moment - Steal Like An Artist. I like it because it gives life tips
 for everyone and still connects it with art and creativity! 

I was obviously hopeful and excited to jump into our pool villa!

I will always be a fan of earth tones and this color scheme. 

If there's one tip I have when it comes to staying under the sun - 
always apply sunblock to protect your skin! SPF, SPF, SPF!

Really had the best time with this girl! Chilling by the pool, listening to mainstream music playlists 
and taking a million pictures together were moments that I will surely treasure. 

View from the massage room at the Healing Sanctuary! It gave off such a zen vibe. 

I was so excited to experience their famous 90-minute Thai massage. The ambience was so great, the 
soothing music and the relaxing scents was really calming and rejuvenating. 
If you're a fan of massages, you shoud try this one out!

One of the best dinners we had... I was always so amused with the way they presented their food.

The last day was plyometrics class at 8am. Their gym was so complete with all the equipments
 every gym lover would need (and want). 

We did a series of circuits and HIIT training with plyometrics.
 It was a combination of cardio and weights. I really enjoyed this workout!
I actually wished I could workout as intense as this set given by coach Oliver - everyday.

Right after working out, we headed straight to the pool to cool down. 
This was the waterfall pool and it's in a hidden corner you have to walk to
 and you'll be surprised to see a secluded place with a waterfall and a small (super cold)
 pool right infront of your eyes! I can say that this was one of my favorite spots in The Farm. 

Gotcha! Someone's always busy with her phone...
But nonetheless, loved your after workout glow here Kally!

The sound of the water falling was such an experience. 
Being surrounded by nature is always so relaxing for me. 

Their Pomelo Salad was really good! I'm a fan of Vietnamese cuisine so I'm a 
bit biased when it comes to Viet meals. I can eat this all day! 

Eat your veggies! This one was a combination of zucchini, bell peppers, tomatoes and eggplants. 

Who can't say no to this beauty? I personally can't say no to any kind of ice cream.
So these two scoops of coconut ice cream sandwiched 
in between a crunchy coconut based waffle was heaven for me. 

Lighting is such an important part of any kind of architecture. I think that the night version of structures 
are sometimes better because the mood is different. This is the Healing Sanctuary at night. 

So this concluded our trip. Looking out from this gazebo - the cold air from the rain falling around us.

This trip to The Farm is exactly what you'll need. A relaxing getaway from the city in order to 
go back to your senses, reflect and contemplate on the more important things in life. 
We had an amazing time, the staff were all so friendly & helpful and the ambience was 
always so on point. It was the best luxurious wellness retreat I've experienced. 
The Farm is truly a hidden gem that's definitely worth coming back to. 

For reservations and inquiries:
+632 884 8074 / +63 918 884 8078
Email: info@thefarm.com.ph