Hong Kong is the easiest weekend getaway if you're coming from the Philippines. In just an hour and a half, you're transported 
to a place full of energy that's covered with busy streets, and restaurants that serve really good food.
Here are some snippets from my recent Hong Kong trip with my family. 

It's always good to go back to sunny HK! Their airport is indeed one of the best ones in the world.

Can you believe that this was our breathtaking view from our hotel window? Yup. Woke up to this!

Loved the interior and lighting of our hotel's elevators so I took advantage of it (sorry, not sorry)

Changed my look thrice that day since the weather was just too hot to handle! 

I would kill to eat cherries in Manila! There in HK, they're way cheaper so this was my breakfast!

Day 2 ootd: you'll never go wrong with white and denims.

This was the art gallery in our hotel's lobby. It's always good to see people supporting their local art! 

Perfect way to capture HK: a combination of busy streets and beautiful buildings. 

Inspiration is everywhere. I have always been so fascinated with intricate exterior designs. 

While walking in the mall, I saw this beautiful shop filled with fresh flowers. 
I just love these carnation pink peonies! They're my favorite flowers among all. 
But too bad it's difficult to get them in Manila. 

This color palette (and this brand) is love.

One of the highlights when in HK - their roast duck, suckling pig and these kinds of meals. 
Diet is something that you shouldn't do while travelling if you really want to enjoy it.

The famous Paul Smith wall (but a smaller version of it) - been obsessed with skorts lately 
(skirts in front & shorts at the back type of bottoms) 

Ended up in LKF & saw this one that struck me the most. I totally agree, don't you?

Hong Kong will always have a special place in my heart; to the point where I feel like I memorize the streets already.
But then again, it's always fun to go back and discover new places, right?