Sundays are the perfect lazy days because it's usually everyone's rest day. No work, no deadlines, no stress and sometimes no traffic. It's that time of the week where you get the chance to get yourself together in order to find your inner balance so you're ready for anything that might come your way. It's that day where you are reminded to do something that your soul will thank you for. Whether it's having lunch with your family, hearing mass, spending time with your loved ones, or just simply the mundane things like waking up, checking your phone, grabbing your current read, lounging around, preparing for breakfast - it's these routines that make Sundays worth looking forward to. 

Crisp White shirt - Luna Rossa / Hair color - Hairshaft / Photographer - Patricia Del Rosario / Art Direction & Concept - Denise Heredia 

Always remember to be grateful for everything, because it is the simple things that make life more meaningful.
 Hope you had a great Sunday!