Not much people know that I've been working out since I was 15 years old. My parents love working out together and to be honest, they were the ones who convinced me to make it a part of my life as well. Now, as much as we can, we workout together as a family. With that, being active has already been a part of my lifestyle. I honestly can't live without it anymore! For me, it's very a significant aspect in my life because whenever I workout, I feel like I am able to challenge myself to become better every single day. It may be just an hour or so, but it's one of the things that I can do to focus on improving my health. I believe that being healthy is not about one's weight - but rather, it's about how strong you are, how much energy you have, how good you look and your over all disposition.

Circuit training is fun for me, especially when you're the type of person who gets bored with the usual workout routines. 

One of my favorite strength training workouts is the TRX.  It's always a great feeling to try 
to outdo yourself after a few weeks and become stronger than you were before. 

What you'll need: space, equipments & the willpower to finish your workouts! 

This picture can be so deceiving. I may look like I was smiling... 
but this is one of the most challenging ones for me since those ropes were heavy! 
But, again, no gain right? 

Of course, cardio workouts will never be out of the picture. If you want to be lean, 
I think that the perfect combination to that would be a mix of weight trainings + cardio sessions!

Not a machine type of girl but I love trying out new things! 
I'm glad that this 360 Fitness + branch in Commonwealth has them!

Thank you for that workout 360 Fitness +!

Barefaced and super satisfied with my workout! 
Since I promised a healthier me this 2018, get ready for more workout posts!

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