We all need a break from our busy lives and personally, a staycation at a hotel is a great way to do just that. There are times when we have to restart our systems and get that much needed rest and relaxation that we all crave for. Privato Hotel gave me and my family the chance to spend quality time together and just appreciate the value of slowing things down when we're all so caught up in our own daily routines.

This was the One Bedroom Suite with its very own kitchen. It was spacious and I like how the bedroom was cozy and brightly lit in the morning. It's actually a great room to invite guests over for a visit since it has its own living room as well. 
You can also enjoy a relaxing massage at night just like that I did during our stay! 

Of course, I didn't miss out on the amenities like the pool which was a little small but enough for the area and also the gym that was beside it.
 It made me want to workout first then jump in the pool afterwards! 

It's always great to change your surroundings to unwind, reset your mood, and your frame of mind to get you through another busy week. Try to bring your family and or loved ones and try out places you've never tried before. You may also  use my promo code "BLOGGIFT10" to get 10% off on their Best Available Rates when you book directly from their website: Click here.

Personalized Sleepwear: Aurora Designs | Some pictures from: Trip Advisor