I've only heard of this beautiful isolated paradise - called Amanpulo when I was younger. I'm grateful that I got the chance, together with my family and friends, to visit and explore the island at the start of 2019. It was definitely a refreshing way to start a year right and begin a fresh new chapter in our lives especially when we were surrounded by crystal clear blue waters and pristine white, powder-like sand. 

This was at the hangar - the waiting area before the actual flight. It was here where you can chill while waiting for the plane to take off. 
Since I was TOO excited for this trip, I had already packed for it... days before leaving! 

I think this was a 20-seater plane, if I'm not mistaken... this was the plane we rode going there! It was definitely small and private. While in the air, you could definitely feel some kind of turbulence but all you have to do is sit back, relax and just wait around 45 minutes to get to the island. 

We got an afternoon flight, so as soon as we landed we went straight to the beach club and this was the sight we saw. Words were not enough to describe how beautiful this scene was - especially in person. All I could say was - WOW. 

After that, we were then escorted to our rooms for our 2 night, 3 day stay. This was the bedroom, it 
was spacious and I personally think that it looks better in person rather than in pictures. 

The bathroom was my favorite part, mainly because it was almost as big as the bedroom! It had two corners - complete with its own mirror, sink, everything... a bathtub in the middle, and one shower in the side. I could imagine myself just lounging around here doing hair treatments, body scrubs, and so many other 'self-love' pampering rituals that can be done. 

The FOOD! The food was definitely pricey. I think they were always known for this and I understood why they were able to manipulate the price of their meals because 1.) the guests had no other choice but to order from them and them ONLY 2.) we were stuck in an island, everything had to be brought in. Can you believe that cup of rice was around php500? I was so glad that I don't eat that much rice haha! 

When you go out of the room, you get your own balcony and this is your view.
 It was such a pretty sight to see especially when you wake up in the morning! 

To be honest, this was my favorite part of the snacks bar - their sugar coated cookies! I ate so much of this during our trip, mainly because they refill these cans whenever you go out of your room - and plus points for it because it was free! Haha #cheapthrills

You could easily go to the beach club anytime and just lounge around in this spot. I always thought that this bright electric blue was the signature color that defined Amanpulo...

That's why I tried to find the perfect swimsuit to match them! Well, I was always so attracted to this color so this was a perfect contrast to the beach. Also, it was nice to have a light colored cover-up (all thanks to Kamiseta for this eyelet top) because I wanted to protect my skin from the harsh rays of the sun. 

These were my beach essentials - reflector shades, neutral slippers and an informative book!

This was one of my favorite spots in the island. It's found in the main entrance of the spa and it had  the most relaxing view ever. Bonus points for the instrumental playlist of the spa - as your background music and you're ready to zone out and even pass out if you wish! 

This was the Spa room and the 60-min massage was such a great experience. They let you choose the oil you want them to use for your body and their whole body massage was amazing. Also, you get such a great view right after you wake up from your massage (let's face it we all doze off when we're too relaxed) and that's also one of the best parts. 

After the massage, they ask you to pick out from a deck of cards which have different messages and I randomly chose this. They said that the words in this card were the words that the universe wanted to tell me - at that very moment and I was glad. It was a beautiful and timely message for me. I feel like life does get better over time, all the time. We just have to always stay positive! 

This was happy, giddy me - after getting a great massage. 
Excuse the barefaced look and all the oiliness!

This was the main pool of the bigger club house and it was beautiful as well.

If there was another favorite spot in the island, this would be it! It was hidden, not too exposed in the sun since it had shade thanks to the trees, and it was in the perfect place because you were close enough to hear the waves in the ocean but far enough to have some quiet time and probably contemplate on life or read a good book. 

Messy, unevenly placed, raw shots of the sunbathing beds in the afternoon - right before the sunset. 

The next day, we decided to go snorkeling so we could see the fish and the turtles.
This is always the fun part of any beach trip! 

The boat was amazing since the second floor had no roof - 
it gave you the 360 view of the whole island! 

Those ^ and wine by the sea... This was my mood this 2019. 

Imagine diving into the sea and having this kind of situation right in front of your eyes? I remember the first time I went to Palawan, 
back then it was in El Nido, I was much younger and I was definitely more terrified snorkeling. 
This time tho, everything was calmer and it made me want to try learning how to dive! Why not! 

 This turtle was one of the highlights of this island! It was just swimming around, near the shore. 

First sunset of 2019 and it looks like this? I'm hoping this really will be a great year ahead! 
Cheers to all that was, and all that will be! 

Forever chasing sunsets wherever I go - and I am not kidding, I still get surprised with how beautiful and how different it always looks. 

Of course, always grateful for my loving family, my life's constants and the people who have made me the person that I am today. 
Of course tho, I still have a lot to learn as time goes by. 

My 2019 goal - focus on growth, authenticity, happiness and putting myself MORE out there. 
I want to be able to inspire and uplift others in my own little way. 
I'm letting go of the past and letting God work in my life as I try to do my best in everything that I will do and all things that 
I will be faced with - both good, bad, and everything in between! 
Also, it's time to have a better, more positive mindset this 2019.

... and just like all good things, they come to an end. 
Leaving this island with a grateful heart and a peaceful mind filled with fun memories. 
At the end of this all, it makes you realize that there is so much beauty in this world, we just have to choose to see it. 
Thank you, Lord for always reminding us that at the end of everyday, you still provide us with beautiful things - 
sometimes we just have to stop, look closer and admire it. 
Then again... this was definitely a great way to start the year and get back on the grind! 

How did you start your 2019?
Share with me your 2019 goals! 

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*not a sponsored post, just wanted to share this beautiful experience with you all